March 2018:

Constellation Engineering is pleased to introduce our new 3rd generation range of OCIMF marine hose butterfly valves.

Designed to provide 100% compliance with OCIMF publication SPM Hose Ancillary Equipment Guide, our valves are compatible with all brands of OCIMF marine hose.

The benefits of the Constellation valve includes:-

  • Simple to operate
  • No more slamming shut
  • Suitable for full line speed of 21m/s
  • Completely serviceable
  • A wide choice of seal materials
  • Stainless steel seat
  • Low profile or extra heavy duty locking mechanism options
  • ASME 150 and ASME 300 bolting patterns available

We are particularly proud of our new low-profile locking mechanisms on offer. Complementing our extra heavy duty locking mechanism, both designs are simple to operate and prevent accidental opening or closure when in use.

We keep a range of sizes in stock – please contact us for all your OCIMF marine hose butterfly valve and ancillary equipment needs.