Constellation Engineering manufactures a range of Buoys for use on OCIMF Marine Hose systems including:

  • Connected to the rail hose pick-up chain.
  • Serve as a marker and as a lifting device.
  • Come in various sizes, buoyancies, and colours to suit all types of chain configurations.
  • Compatible with all manufacturers of OCIMF marine hoses.
  • Certified with full lift capabilities.

  • Indicates the position of the hose string.
  • Enables the operator to easily retrieve hoses from the water.
  • A range of sizes available.
  • Covered in closed-cell polyurethane foam and robust polyuria coating to ensure no loss of buoyancy and durability.

  • Heavy Duty metal skinned buoys with certified cruciform and connection points.
  • Foam filled with closed cell polyurethane foam.
  • Neat design with no protruding snag points, enabling easy decking and handling.

  • Various sizes and buoyancies to suit all OCIMF chafe chain arrangements.
  • Chain through or swivel eye type connection configurations available.