Spool Pieces

Constellation Engineering manufactures the following Spool Pieces:

  • Rail Hose OCIMF Chain Spools
  • OCIMF Tanker Manifold Reducers
  • First-Off-The-Buoy Installation Spools
  • Floating Concentric Spool Pieces
  • Floating Y-Piece Reducers
  • CALM Buoy J-Tubes

Floating Y-Piece and Concentric Reducers

  • The Floating Y-Piece splits the single mainline hose in to two smaller bore tail strings
  • It is self -supporting with minimum reserve buoyancy well in excess of OCIMF guidelines
  • It enables terminals to load and off -load from a wide range of tankers

All welding is coded in accordance with ASME IX.

100% radiography on all circumferential welds.

100% MPI on all welds.

All pad-eyes load tested to client requirements.