Constellation Engineering supplies marine hose chain assemblies suitable for use on OCIMF 1991 and GMPHOM 2009 hoses. Our range includes:

Pick-Up Chain.

  • Used to lift the hose assembly, it is supplied with an enlarged link to enable connection to the tanker derrick crane hook
  • Longer pick-up chains for use on Conventional Buoy Moorings (CBM) are available

Snubbing Chain

  • Also known as a hang-off chain or belly chain, it is used to secure the rail hose to the tanker
  • Chains are suitably sized to support the total weight of the lifted tail and rail hoses at maximum freeboard
  • Supplied with shackles on either end for connection to the rail hose pad eyes

Auxiliary Chain

  • Secures the hose assembly to the tanker bits
  • Can be fitted with or without a quick release pelican hook

Constellation Engineering Pelican Hook

  • Manufactured from high strength structural steel with a minimum yield strength of 700 MPa
  • Quick release for emergency disconnection